Hi, I am Nick

I'm a Belgian illustrator based in Hoeselt. Currently combining my freelance work with a part-time job as a librarian. 

In 2010 I graduated as a master in visual arts (specialization in illustration), at the PHL, Hasselt. During my education I did a freelance internship with Frank Daenen where my passion for illustration reached new levels. 

I mainly  work digitally because it gives me a certain feeling of freedom to make 'mistakes' and find their beauty or learn from them. In my opinion, I love it when illustration radiates imperfection, vulnerability, honesty and a good sense of humor.


Averbode - Clavis - Zwijsen Be - Zwijsen NL - Die Keure - ZNU Deltas - Vanin - Abimo Gezinsbond - Kind&Gezin - LibelleMama - Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde - Toerisme Bilzen